Mother Smart

Some people are book smart, some are street smart. Here are two mother smart people I know.

utaMy grandmother did not finish grade school, but she was a smart lady. She taught herself many skills like sewing, farming, cooking, and art. She did not read many books but she read the Bible. I still remember her big Bible with a cover that I think she wove. She knew her God.

She had a hard life, so hard that she left home and decided to take her own life. As she stood in the pouring rain, God spoke to her. She realized God would take care of her and her family.

“Search seven times before accusing someone.” She used to say this. I thought it was for when you lose something, but this applies to many things in life. If you need something, go find it; because if you really need it, God will give it to you. Don’t blame not having what you need on others and don’t demand it from others. She was truly mother smart.

toshikoMy mother did not go to High school. She is from a complicated family, too complicated to explain. She experienced a lot of prejudice in her life but she met God who loved everyone in the world. She is a giving person, prayerful mother and faithful grandmother.

She used to say, “Don’t judge people for what they can not change.” I thought she was saying about people’s outside appearances, like height, race and gender. but this applies to life. If others need your help seeing what they should change, we should help them but it is not right to judge people for how God made them, because that would be judging God. She was also mother smart.

I hope to be mother smart like them.