Tech: Ray is a former developer for a Japanese tech company, working side-by-side with Japanese engineers for almost 10 years. He was also a technical editor for the (now defunct) Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal and developed popular freeware programmer tools for the Visual Basic programming language.

Church: Ray is now a pastor and church planter in Japan who works with the Every Nation family of churches and campus ministries. He has a degree from Portland Bible College and did post-graduate missions studies at Asian Theological Seminary.

Family: Ray and Satomi have two adult children who are multi-lingual and multi-cultural. We enjoy searching out truth and life in many cultures and talking about the value we see in the cultures we have experienced personally.



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  1. Where in Japan are you located and if we wanted to come to Japan with a small team of missionaries could we count on you for advice, or any kind of support? Maybe to get the religious activities visa? We are from California, members of a discipleship program from a large Christian church. PS> Your articles are incredibly helpful. God Bless!

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