YGBC is moving – they can walk on water!

The Douma Family

My home church in Japan is Yokohama Grace Bible Church. Satomi and I raised our kids there, were ordained as pastors there, and experienced the seasons of God bringing growth and maturity to His local body there. Now, YGBC is picking up and following the Holy Spirit on a big adventure. They will move out of their permanent location on August 25th and begin renting a hall on Sundays only at the Yokohama YMCA. They will have to move locations from time to time and really trust God to help them find locations, set up, tear down, just as we did in “the old days.” But they are willing to do this because they feel that the time is right to prepare for new growth and new opportunities. They are basically going to move out in faith.

I had the great privilege of preaching at Yokohama last Sunday night and I shared a message about a man who got out of the boat by faith and actually walked on water because he believed he could do whatever Jesus called him to do. Please pray for Yokohama Grace Bible Church and Pastor Scott and Naomi Douma as they begin to walk on water.

You can hear my message here:
Walking on Water (by Ray Mercer)