February Update

What is going on?

It has been almost a year since the Great Earthquake hit Japan on March 11th. The church has grown and matured and we have really begun to understand that we are called to be a socially responsible church. Through the outreach we did last year in Sendai we now have a contact at the Kanagawa Newspaper and at the local FM radio station. A friend of mine introduced Satomi to a member of parliment in Uganda who is a Christian and I recently met the Ambassador of Rwanda here in Japan who is also a Christian. As I watch all these connections happen,

I see that Satomi’s burden to bring the African Children’s Choir to Japan will not just be about raising funds to help the orphans in Japan. The children themselves will be ambassadors from God to Japan. Wouldn’t it be just like God to use the faith of poor orphan children to reach the hearts and minds of rich Japanese in Tokyo and across Japan. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Coming Events

  • Feb 29 – March 4
    James in Sendai
  • March 1-14
    Satomi in Africa
  • March 20
    All-Japan Conference
  • March 25
    Yokosuka Youth Service

March Prayer Requests

James has decided that he wants to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in the United States. He has applied at a number of universities for the Fall, 2012 semester as a transfer student from Sophia University.  Please pray for favor and finances for him to finish college. By making this change he will be able to major in something to do with music and ministry

He will be leaving tomorrow to work five days at the Tohoku Celebration of Hope event in Sendai. He is the translator between the technical team for Franklin Graham and the Japanese company running sound, light, etc. It is wonderful that he can earn some money for college while doing ministry in Sendai. This will be his fifth ministry trip to the disaster zone. He is also excited to be seeing and working with Kirk Franklin and all the other artists.

Satomi will leave this Thursday for two weeks in Africa. She is going to visit the African Children’s Choir (Music for Life) schools in Kampala and Entebbe in Uganda and also take a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa to see the new center they are building there. Her desire is to bring the African Children’s Choir to Japan for the first time and she will also help them with their next Asian tour. I have been amazed to see her burden for this become a reality. God has provided all the money she needs and she already has contacts around Africa who are expecting her. Of course she also wants to visit with our old friends and teachers, the Wagars, who are pastoring a great church in Kampala. We have already seen your prayers make a huge difference. Please continue to pray for her especially during the next two weeks of her first trip to Africa!

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