Pray for our churches in Ukraine

Yesterday, I was in a Zoom meeting with about 60 pastors and leaders and Pastor Steve Murrell, Every Nation President, shared a recent report and photos from Pastor Igor in Lviv (sorry, I can’t share those photos here). They have been housing about 200 people daily as they travel through to Poland. And they have church services every day now with all 200 people attending. Every day it is a different 200 people!
They have a fleet of trucks operating now, and our church in Poland does too. The trucks in Ukraine are driving daily into the conflict zone and bringing women and children back to the church. And our trucks in Poland are picking them up at the border and taking them to our church there and elsewhere. Pastor Steve and other leaders outside of Ukraine are meeting with the Ukrainian and Polish pastors regularly by Zoom to encourage and pray for them.

Map published by the UK Ministry of Defense on April 1, 2022 @DefenseHQ

If you want to give to our relief efforts in Ukraine and Poland you may give online here:

And please keep praying for this conflict to end!

There are Every Nation churches in several different cities all over the Ukraine.
1. L’viv
2. Ternopil
3. Buchach
4. Novodnistrovsk & Sokiryani
5. Berezhany
6. Angelivka

The ones with facilities have been operating as refugee centers since the Russian Invasion. Here are a couple of older reports from our churches there.

MARCH 18th