Music and Me – A song for every day of the week

Mondays are my day off. Sometimes I sleep in. Last Monday I woke up with the song “Monday, Monday” going through my head:

I suddenly realized that I’ve been singing this song on Mondays ever since I was a small child. I love music and I have many “rituals” in my life that include music. Singing the “song dejour” seems to relax me on Mondays, so I started wondering if I had a song for every day of the week. As I pondered, I thought of a song for Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday that I often sing on those days! So I did some googling and came up with Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday was tough. I finally compromised and used a sermon that I often think of on Fridays!

Without further ado, here is the remainder of my list of songs for each day of the week:
Sorry J’anna, I know I should have used Rod’s version here…



Friday – OK, it’s a sermon, but I do think of this on Fridays…

Saturday – Been singing this in my head on Saturdays ever since I was a teenager…

Sunday – “Chasing down hot-air balloons on Sunday morning…” Hey! This is MY list OK!?

*update! Sunday gets not one but two great songs –

Bonus – You can sing this one anytime 🙂