Ray’s Login Widget

Just a small widget to replace the default “meta” widget in WordPress 3.x Shows (localized) login link when user is not logged in or shows logout and server admin links when user is logged in. Does NOT show the feed and WordPress.org links.

 I want to learn to write widgets and this was a good place to start. I might add some more functionality later but for now you are free to use this if you want to add a login link to your sidebar but DON’T want the default feed and WordPress.org links…

rays-login-widget.php (this file is archived in .zip format for security reasons)
Unzip the file above to wp-content/plugins dir on your webserver. Activate “Ray’s Login Widget” in the admin console plugins page. Navigate to Appearance|Widgets in the admin console and drag the “Ray’s Login Widget” to a sidebar. Enter a title for the login link. Done.

P.S. I learned from Justin Tadlock’s post here and from the default-widgets.php file in the WordPress 3.2.1 install (wp-includes/default-widgets.php).

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