Earthquake Information Center

How to Give

Give to Japanese local churches through Every Nation U.S.A.
(These are local churches in Japan that I am directly connected with and who are working now to establish relief efforts)

Missing Person Locators

Person Finder (multilingual)

Red Cross Family Links page for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (multilingual)

Google Earthquake Crisis Response

Google has set up a great information page for the earthquake here. Also you can donate to the Japanese Red Cross at this page. The Red Cross in Japan is still assessing the situation but if you feel you need to give money now, that is one place to do it. It should eventually be put to good use.

This page has many useful links such as:

  • Warnings and advisories
  • Disaster message boards
  • Transportation status
  • Blackout information

The Japanese version of the above page is here. 

Softbank announces free messaging and free WiFi spots



Before/After Satellite Photos from ABC News Australia

hover mouse over each picture to see the change:

Video Archive of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

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