When the Earth shakes (original)

(new video version – April 1st)
This video contains footage that I took personally in Ishinomaki, Japan shortly after the Great Earthquake of March 11, 2011. I combined it with photos from our Every Nation churches working together to help Japan. James Mercer’s heartfelt song expresses our faith that God would meet every need.

(new audio version – March 31st)

In times like this I’m reminded

That my life belongs to you

In times like this I will not fear

Everything is in your hands

When the Earth shakes

I’ll be ready for Your call

For I know You will guide me through

When the Earth shakes

I will serve You all the more

For I know in You I stand secure

When I’m alone I’m not alone

You are always there for me

When I’m confused You give me peace

You give me strength so I can lead

13 thoughts on “When the Earth shakes (original)

  1. Great James, keep up the good work! His love never fails and will accomplish His good purposes in all that we do for His name…

  2. I’m trying to hold back tears. God is truly in control even when the earth shakes. Thank you James for sharing that song with us. Our prayers are with you, the whole team, and the whole of Japan.

  3. Beautiful prayer. God loves and cares for the Japanese people and our hearts are for the nation. Thank you and your family & church for loving His people.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful song. I will play it in our service and we will continue to stand with you all. I hope to get to Japan sometime soon. I miss you all, my EN friends.


  5. Really like this song, even in the hardest moments we are to trust in our Lord. Thanks for sharing your heart and encouragment to keep our faith in Him. May our Lord Jesus continue to inspire.

  6. Beautiful words,James! Thank you for composing this song.
    It’s a wonderful reminder to keep a Godly perspective in times of trials and difficulty. I am blessed by your song!

  7. This is beautiful James. I could really hear your heart in this song. We some how know and understand God more during the difficult times when we trust Him. We are praying or all the Precious people of Japan.
    Love and Prayers,
    Auntie Nancy

  8. lOVELY SONG!!! Good for all times! Well done. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  9. I’m sooooo happy to hear your voice&see your picture.
    Maybe you don’t remember me…..when you were little I used to play with you in PDX.
    I miss you&your beautiful family.

    Now I’m living in Italy Capri.
    Someday we can meet again.

    May God bless you all&my beloved country Japan.

  10. Great song James!! I can see your heart for God. It makes want to start singing it at church. So good and timely.

  11. James, James, tears in my eyes my brother. So very proud of the teams’ work in the earthquake zones. Tell dad this is my NEW email address for records.

    I was teaching (at Truelifechurch.tv (at old Family Bible Church) this am. Kevin Robin (Kaylor grandson) assisting me. Had him kneel (kids are short) and you would have been in tears at the level of prayers these little ones prayed over Kaylors (by name) Mercers (I suggested), and all of Japan. The children called on the Lord to “disintegrate all the dirty stuff in the water, the air and the earth”, and bring good food and water to safety, heal the nation.”
    Love to family, Susan Palmer

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